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What is an European Capitals Meeting (ECM)?

The ECM is an annual meeting of Members and Senators from chapters of Junior Chamber International (JCI) from European capital cities. It will be a three days event that includes lectures, seminars, workshops, networking and social events. The number of participants is around 100 normally and the hosting city changes every year. The ECM is an opportunity for companies to market themselves towards future leaders and decision makers.

What is special about an ECM?

The ECM is not an official JCI meeting/conference. Although it is not an official JCI event, the framework for the meeting is more flexible and it is for the chapter that hosts the meeting to fill out the agenda with training, social events and whatever is deemed necessary. The topic of the meeting is set by the hosting chapter; it often tackles issues that are common for capital cities. This flexibility works so well that it found a hosting chapter and took place annually since 1993.

As with all meetings where there are “Jaycees” the ECM is also a social event where you meet new and old friends from across Europe. We have parties, sightseeing and cultural events – all designed to create the right “JCI atmosphere”.

What happened in Berlin in 2013?

Please refer to our program.


Those cities were already lucky to host an ECM:

1993 Berlin
1994 London
1995 Brussels
1996 Ankara
1997 Bern

1998 Oslo
1999 Edinburgh
2000 Stockholm
2001 Paris
2002 Amsterdam

2003 Berlin
2004 Vilnius
2005 Warsaw
2006 Ankara
2007 Copenhagen

2008 London
2009 Luxembourg
2010 Stockholm,
2011 Tallinn,
2012 Bern,

After 2013

2014 Belgrade,

Candidates for coming years

2015 Amsterdam
2015 Copenhagen
2016 Ankara



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